Atwood Racing Services

Lakeville, Connecticut

Lime Rock Cycling Grand Prix - Sun Apr 30





8:30am Boys 9-13 20 minutes $15 medals/3 75
Girls 9-13 $15 medals/3
8:55am Men 65+ 40 minutes $35 medals/3 75
9:40am Boys 14-18 45 minutes $25 medals/3 75
10:30am Men 55+ 45 minutes $35 medals/3 75
11:00am Cycle-Smart Beginners Clinic 1 hour $30 N/A N/A
11:25am Men 3/4 60 minutes $35 $250/5 125
12:25pm Women 4/5 40 minutes $35   75
Women 50+ $35 medals/3
Girls 14-18 $25 medals/3
1:10pm Men 4/5 40 minutes $35 medals/3 75
1:55pm Men 40+ (1-4) 60 minutes $35 $250/5 125
3:00pm Women Pro/1/2 60 minutes $35 $400/6 125
3:01pm Women 3* 60 minutes $35 $250/5
Women 40+ (Cat 1-3)* $35
4:05pm Men Pro/1/2/3 75 minutes $35 $400/6 125

* Both groups are eligible for prize purse; medals will be given to top 3 in each group.

Neutral Support provided by

Clinic will be available for all brand new racers and category 4 and 5 riders.  Those participants who complete the clinic may start their respective 4/5 race as part of the clinic entry fee .  Cost of clinic includes 1-day license for those that need it.  Also competitors who enter the Men 4/5 or Women 4/5 races may participate in the clinic at no cost.  Clinic hosted by:

Photo courtesy Greg Pelican

USA Cycling license required for all events.  Riders without USA Cycling licenses can purchase a one-day licenses at registration for $10.  Pre-registration is available online through until Friday, April 28th at 7pm.  Online service fee based on standard service fee rates applies.  Snail-mail registrations (please include legible USA Cycling Standard Entry Form) can be sent with a check payable to Atwood Racing Services to Alan Atwood, 62 Timber Ridge Dr, Holbrook, New York 11741; snail-mail entries must be received by April 25th.  Number pickup and day of registration will be available from 7:30am until ½ hour before scheduled start time for all fields; add a $5 surcharge to day-of entries per day.  2nd race on Sunday will be $20 (discount will be refunded through BikeReg). 

Helmets are required at all times during the weekend and jerseys must have sleeves (no tank-tops or vests).  There is no warming up on the course at any time; infractions will subject riders to disciplinary action and/or disqualification from the event. 

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